I frequently write columns that deal with or are impacted by religion. But why talk about it? I think a better question is “Why not?” After all, we are dealing with questions and ideas about some of the most fundamental ideas of our existence: Where do we come from? Why are we here? What should we do with our lives?

Yet for some reason, it is not normally polite to talk about this. Society expects us to nod politely and murmur agreements, no matter how odd a person’s religious views are. Yet we can argue to our heart’s content on issues like a celebrity’s marriage or who should win on “American Idol.”

We can talk politics, but as soon as it brushes up against religion, the polite thing to do is accept the religious argument as sacrosanct and try to argue a different tactic. But as much as we ignore the elephants in the room, we stop engaging in community discourse and stagnate by just yelling propaganda back and forth.

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