Amid the blare of voices demanding space on air, online and across the globe, Frank Wright works in Washington to ensure that the Christian Gospel does not become drowned out. As president and chief executive officer of the National Religious Broadcasters as well as the NRB Network, Wright, 58, serves Christian media outlets reaching millions of listeners, viewers and readers worldwide. He shared with The Washington Examiner by e-mail thoughts on the faith that guides his work, and the expanding mediums to spread Christ’s message.

Do you consider yourself to be of a specific faith?

Yes, I am a Christian — a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I suppose the thing I find most striking is the uniqueness of Christianity. Every world religion is about one of three things: thinking, feeling or doing. Christianity by contrast is about a state of being. The essence of the Christian life is about being in Christ, being in relationship with the Father, being indwelt by the Holy Spirit. Being “in Christ” is a place of rest, rather than a place of striving for what we can never attain on our own.

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