A sad reality is that many people who call themselves Christians really believe and act little differently than atheists. Both share a common trait. Both don’t want God meddling in their lives. Both live and act as if they are the centre of the universe, and both resent the very idea of a God who makes demands and commands allegiance.

An atheist recently complained about the fact that I mentioned the judgment of God. One can understand why. A judging God means a God whose holiness is the standard of what is right and wrong. A judging God means we are not our own boss, but we all must submit to the Lord of the universe.

A judging God means not everything we do or say is pleasing to a holy God, and it means that we will all one day have to give an account of our lives. A judging God means an end to our autonomous lifestyle, and the beginning of personal responsibility, accountability and a final reckoning.

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