Though he wasn’t on the square that day, the massacre changed Fu’s life — it was the moment that he lost faith in communism. His subsequent arrest eventually led to his conversion to Christianity and his escape from China.

Now Fu directs the U.S.-based China Aid foundation, which garners international support for Christians in China.

Fu spoke with the television program “Where God Weeps” of the Catholic Radio and Television Network (CRTN) in cooperation with Aid to the Church in Need, about his life in China and the future for Christians in his homeland.

Q: You were one of the student leaders in Tiananmen Square. Can you tell us what happened?

Fu: Yes, at that moment, along with many other hundreds of thousands of Chinese students, I was in Tiananmen Square and basically protesting the massive corruption in the Chinese government and also pursuing freedom and democracy and human rights. The demonstration — held over several weeks — was met, on the early morning of June 4, 1989, with military tanks and hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army. The soldiers started shooting their own people. I had actually left Tiananmen Square three days before the massacre happened because my then girlfriend, now my wife, was very sick.

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