I read with much interest about the recent unusual accidental discovery of a 340-yr-old Bible printed in Germany found inside a safe in a Lutheran Church School in Wisconsin.  “We don’t know how we got it. We don’t know how it got into the safe. We’ve been asking some of our elderly folks and people in the nursing home and nobody seems to remember,” Rev. Timothy Shoup from St. Paul Lutheran Church told the news station.

How could such a valuable treasure be forgotten and none seems to remember how it got there, now perhaps to be admired and valued more as a museum priceless relic…Can very important things be forgotten and lost?  Indeed anything valuable we do not take care of and guard jealously will over time be lost. Even the precious word of God that saves and our salvation.

My initial reaction would be to compare the contents of the 340 yr old book with what you have today on your shelf and perhaps ponder over the subtle and not too subtle differences.  Perhaps we will rediscover even more treasures from meanings that have been long forgotten, lost or buried by well intended efforts of zealous translators.  The spread of Christianity has been said to be facilitated by best-selling more popular translations/revisions  of the Bible – easier to read both in language and in cultural acceptability…or more accurately put … in digestability.

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