Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., showed up to his second day as a congressman carrying a yellow toy dump truck and a suitcase. His son Athan, 9, trundled behind dragging another suitcase, on hand to help his dad move into his D.C. office. The phone was ringing but not at the receptionist’s desk, where it was supposed to, but at a line in the back room—Capitol maintenance crews needed to rewire that. The walls and tables were bare but for one framed photo of the Huelskamp family: Tim, his wife, Angela, and their four adopted children, Natasha, 15, Rebecca, 14, Athan, and Alex, 4.

Athan is short for Athanasius, named for the early African church father who stood up to many of the leading religious leaders of his day: He famously confronted another church leader, Arius, who was teaching that Jesus Christ was not fully divine. Athanasius was exiled from Alexandria, Egypt, throughout his life for his beliefs and his epitaph reads, “Athanasius contra mundum” or “Athanasius against the world.”

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