The US Air Force Academy’s invitation of a controversial motivational speaker, a former Marine who says USMC stands for United States Marines for Christ, to speak at its annual prayer luncheon, has drawn cries from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Lt. Clebe McClary, a born-again Christian and war veteran who lost an eye and arm in Vietnam, has received endorsements from the late Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham, and says he is now a member of the “Lord’s Army.”

The Air Force Academy invited McClary to speak at the Feb. 10 event, which was inspired by the annual National Prayer Breakfast in DC. Church-state separation advocates have long been critical of the Air Force Academy’s tolerance for, and indeed promotion of proselytizing and coercive evangelizing of cadets. MMRF’s objection to McClary is only the latest in a ongoing battle between MMRF and the Air Force Academy.

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