Something bad is happening. Small groups of moms are gathering by candlelight across the country. We will do anything to protect our children. Tonight I am at a WIN meeting. is my newest attempt to “arm” myself for “battle.” Oops! Not allowed to make “war” (oops) references in referring to “conquering” (oops) evil. My words may lead metaphor-ignorant folks to “attack” (oops) physically instead of ideologically their “enemies.” (Oops!) Let’s just say we moms are going to save our country for our children. With God’s help.

We open in prayer. Spunky the pit bull is lying on Mary Margaret’s lap snoring.

The book we are reading, “Take Back America” by Mathew Staver, is sitting on the coffee table beneath a small American flag that we are pledging allegiance to. My eyes are full of tears. How did my country come to this? I feel like we are hiding. Have we done something wrong? I feel like we are Anne Frank or the underground church in China.

First, we must acknowledge that we Christian moms “dropped the ball.” Sports metaphors are still allowed, right? My new best friend from my cruise last week, Gary DeMar ( and lists several reasons why Christians over the last 30 years have left politics to the left.

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