I understand very well the dangers ofcriticizing well-established names in the Christian community. It certainly doesn’t win you friends. It may make you lose some friends. Christians are quite intolerant when someone criticizes the icons of their modern Christianity. You are accused in being divisive, jealous, unmerciful, etc. No matter how right and honest you are, criticizing a great man of the faith can put on you a mark of leprosy for a long time ahead.

But sometimes even great men of the faith say or do things that are foolish or dangerous. Not everyone sees the foolishness or the danger; the bright light of the great men blinds even the best Christians at times. But those of us who see the foolishness or the danger in the words of the great men must speak up, even at the cost of being ostracized. Just as Paul rebuked Peter, and Augustine refuted Pelagius, and Luther criticized Erasmus, the errors of great men must be corrected, even by those of us who aren’t as great as they are.

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