Penalising people for failing to equate marriage with homosexual civil partnerships is “Orwellian”, the former head of the judiciary has said.

Lord Mackay, writing for the influential ConservativeHome blog, said there ought to be enough tolerance in Britain to allow Christians to run a hotel in line with their faith.

He served as Lord Chancellor under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major between 1987 and 1997.

He was expressing his concern about a recent case involving the Christian owners of a B&B who were penalised for restricting double rooms to married couples.

The case hinged on sexual orientation regulations (SORs), part of which says goods or services offered to married couples should also be offered to couples in a civil partnership.

He warned that many people, not just Christians, regarded marriage as unique, saying: “To equate civil partnerships with marriage is a big step to take.

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