Christianity throughout the ages has in many regions adopted cultural relevance in its worship and teaching styles. In my view the today’s movements have gone beyond cultural relevance to market driven philosophy in order to attract and appease seekers. Over the last several years I have witnessed many Christian churches, organisations, and ministries gradually dilute the word of God in order to facilitate this more seeker friendly conception of Christianity. For many churches today the challenge is to determine the fine line between holding the truth of the Gospel and reaching out to others on their territory with this message.

The genuine concern today is that the modern church feels the need to dilute the word of God in order to facilitate a more seeker-friendly conception of Christianity. It is a fine line between cultural relevance and staying true to God’s word. In my view many have made this transition from ‘biblical authenticity’ to a ‘more humanistic philosophy’ where artificial doctrines promote self-achievement and self-fulfilment rather than “obeying all that Jesus commanded”.

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