There is a huge battle shaping up within evangelical circles over the authority of the Bible, a debate that will spill into the wider community and impact scientific, geological and academic realms.

The orthodox evangelical view held by the pioneers of science, including geological pioneer Nicholas Steno, is that the Bible records real history: that Adam and Eve were real people, Adam was made from the dust of the earth, Eve was made from the rib of Adam, the Garden of Eden was a real place, Noah’s Flood was a global catastrophe, and the earth is about 6,000 year old.

Over the past decades, evangelical seminaries and colleges have been afraid to defend a straightforward reading of the Bible, in spite of their long-established statements of faith. Instead of accepting the biblical teaching on origins, they have been embracing the secular narrative that the universe and everything within it evolved by naturalistic processes over billions of years, including humans who evolved from apes.

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