Many journalists are contemplating their immediate future in Egypt — Katie Couric just landed back at JFK tweeting how happy she was to be home — but don’t raise that point to Mai Iskander.

As others are heading out, the Egyptian-American filmmaker is heading in. Iskander is planning a trip to Egypt to shoot a documentary about women’s role in the uprising. The director is working with a Cairo-based producer and plans on looking at a handful of women on the front lines of the protests against President Hosni Mubarak, as well as how the uprising has affected female roles in more traditional households.

“The BBC and other news media are only covering the day-to-day current events,” Iskander said in an interview from New York, where she is preparing to board a flight to Cairo. “I’m planning to focus on a few people and where they’re coming from rather than experience [the upheaval] on a superficial level.”

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