As the marriage wars intensify, so too does the heavy-handed assaults by the militant homosexual lobby. They have long specialised in intimidation, deception, harassment and hate campaigns. They have just ratcheted things up a few more notches.

And the duplicity and deception that goes with it is quite incredible. Earlier this week a piece appeared in the Australian claiming that the homosexual activists wanted to see the same-sex debate conducted with civility and decency. Here is how the article began:

“The gay marriage movement has taken the unusual step of making a ‘pledge’ to respect the views of people who oppose same-sex weddings on religious grounds in an attempt to blunt arguments by the Christian lobby and Catholic Church.”

Yeah right! As one who has long been on the receiving end of the homosexual activists, I found this to be rather interesting. Indeed, for over twenty years now I have been subject to their “respect”. I have lost count of all the hate mail and death threats I have received from this friendly bunch. Indeed, for many years I simply trashed all their ugly and downright diabolical attacks on me and my family.

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