The latest weapon of mass destruction sought out by Islamic extremists isn’t a dirty bomb—it’s a lawsuit.  This silent weapon of war represents a increasing trend of lawsuits and other legal actions filed by radical groups is designed to punish, silence and chill any legitimate public criticism of Islam and its more radical  elements.

I represented Muslim-to-Christian convert Rifqa Bary, pro bono in Florida. Rifqa made international headlines in fall of 2009 when she fled her home in Columbus, OH to Orlando, FL after her devout Islamic father threatened her life for not renouncing her Christian faith.  Rifqa successfully concealed her conversion for three years before being discovered on Facebook by leaders of her family’s extremist mosque.  The case brought national attention to the seldom discussed practice of honor (or apostate) killings.

My intentions from the start (and to this day) were to protect and defend a child who basically had no legal representation to do so.  I have a long history in my practice and originally went to law school to fight for the rights of those who are unable to speak for themselves.  In Rifqa, I saw a young girl with a complex but legitimate and serious dilemma who needed help.  As a result of the hard work of her legal team, I am thrilled to report that Rifqa, who was able to remain in state custody until she became a legal adult at age 18, is safe from harm, free to worship as she chooses and is on a path to become a U.S. citizen.

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