CPAC has a long history of being a showcase for conservatism’s brightest stars and most important priorities. Yet the inclusion of organizations that are working to undermine core conservative principles, even as sponsoring members of the event, has resulted in many longtime participants withdrawing from this year’s CPAC.

A clarification: Conservatism is a philosophy grounded in the affirmation that transcendent truth is immutable, that persons are created with dignity and certain natural rights, and that government’s duty is to protect both individuals and the rights endowed to them by their Creator.

Conservatism also argues that man is fallen and finite and, thus, that attempts to recreate Eden are not just immodest but doomed to failure — and that when governments usurp the transformative role of God, liberty is crushed and brutality ensues. The dictatorships of the last century are vivid and tragic cases in point.

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