Hope and Hollywood are inextricable so parents can be forgiven for dreaming that this year’s squeaky-clean star tween Justin Bieber won’t be tabloid trash in two or three years.

His new movie, Never say Never, comes wrapped in Christian marketing, according to Religion News Service. And at Christianity Today, entertainment blogger Mark Moring quotes Patty Mallette, Justin’s faith-and-marketing mom who says,

God said to her that he’s called her son “to be a light in the world and to be a light in the world, and how are you supposed to be a light in the world if you’re not in the world?” … He definitely knows he is not here on his own merit. He can’t deny the unprecedented favor of God in such a short period of time. And he knows it’s for a purpose and a plan.”

Now, for parents who might be followers of the health-and-wealth-gospel approach to faith in which God will give his followers all their earthly favors if they believe in Him and themselves (and if the recent recession didn’t knock the hope flat out of them), they too, might scream along with the song-lyric-simple Bieber gospel.

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