Have you wondered why there is growing support for homosexuality, euphemistically identified as “being gay” to hide what homosexuality is really all about (same-sex sex)? Modern-day Hollywood has been leading the charge, but it has made its way into the general culture. And why not, since casual and pre-marital sexual encounters, revolving marriages, multiple partners, short-term hookups, live-in relationships, and out-of-wedlock births seem to be the norm. It would be hypocritical of these sexual relativists to condemn homosexuality and homosexual marriage while practicing a smorgasbord of sexual choices. By defining sexual deviancy down, they can better justify their own sexual immorality. If it’s OK to engage in homosexuality, and we know how irrational and immoral people thought it used to be, then how can other less deviant and at one time immoral sexual behaviors be condemned? Once homosexuality is no longer considered to be immoral, then no sexual behavior can be.

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