With Christian-owned Chick-fil-A still the target of criticism from homosexual groups, a new Barna survey shows that Christian-based companies have more to gain than to lose when it comes to operating according to their faith — and even promoting it.

The Barna survey did not mention Chick-fil-A and it also didn’t include the issue of homosexuality. But it did find that 43 percent of Americans say they would be more likely to buy products from a company that “manages its business according to Christian principles,” and only 3 percent were less likely to do so. In fact, 27 percent say they would be “a lot” more likely to support such a business. Fifty-one percent of Americans are indifferent.

But what if a company “embraces and promotes the Christian faith?” In that case, 37 say they are more likely to purchase products from the business, 3 percent less likely and 58 percent have no opinion. Twenty-two percent are “a lot” more likely to buy products from it.

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