There used to be a time when universities were known for being bastions of freedom of speech in which openness to ideas and genuine intellectual inquiry were affirmed. But that is no longer the case at many Western campuses. Instead a stifling political correctness is curtailing open debate and unfettered learning.

More and more we find the major universities have now become a hot house for secular left ideology. Christians and conservatives have a difficult time making a go of things at such places, and many are now becoming the target of official campaigns of anti-Christian bigotry.

There has been a lot of documentation on this, with full-length treatments available for some time now. Back in 1991 Dinesh D’Sousa wrote, Illiberal Education: The Politics of Race and Sex on Campus. The stranglehold of political correctness and leftwind ideology was well in place by then, and case after depressing case of this are documented by D’Sousa.

He makes clear that this radical transformation of the universities is have serious repercussions: “instead of liberal education, what American students are getting is its diametrical opposite, an education in closed-mindedness and intolerance, which is to say, illiberal education.”

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