I am in the minority once again. This according to a recent Barna survey, which asked Americans whether they are more willing to patronize a business that “embraces and promotes the Christian faith.” Thirty-seven percent of Americans said such a stance would make them more receptive to the business, 58 percent claimed indifference, and 3 percent—like me—said it would reduce their likelihood of buying from that business.

I’ve thrown in my lot with the agnostics and atheists (the group most averse to buying from overtly Christian companies) for two reasons. The first is that when I need a burst pipe mended, I need someone who plumbs because he believes doing it well is the best way to put food on his table—not someone who believes that having his own plumbing business is the best way to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, I want a business that exists because the market has rewarded it for good performance.

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