There is an important cleavage in the prolife movement in America and recent developments at Focus on the Family provide a great opportunity to take a closer look.

When James Dobson left the organization just under a year ago, many wondered what his departure would mean. Focus has been one of the key promoters of religious right politics by virtue of its reach beyond the politically engaged core. Even secular radio stations have carried Dobson’s commentaries and radio show which, on the surface seemed like generic, accessible, mainstream, family-oriented Christianity, but which promoted political views that are not so mainstream, especially when it came to patriarchy, homosexuality, and abortion.

Now, in the context of an uptick in anti-abortion activism like “personhood amendments,” an announcement from presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee that he intends to make abortion his central issue, and the recent effort by Lila Rose to “expose” the “evils” of Planned Parenthood, Focus on the Family says it’s joining what might be a growing “common ground movement.” With no indication that Focus intends to stop its fight to ban abortion or halt its efforts to oppose funding of abortion alternatives, many, such as my colleague Sarah here at RD, are skeptical.

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