She’s making visits to all the crucial early-voting states, but Rep. Michele Bachmann says she won’t run for president unless she feels a sense of “inner assurance.”

Speaking to the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody, the Minnesota Republican and tea party favorite says prayer and reflection will ultimately drive her decision-making process.

“I think it will be an inner assurance more than anything of what I am supposed to do,” Bachmann said in the interview published Friday.

“We’re strong people of faith. My husband and I gave our lives to the Lord when we were 16 years of age and so that’s been a long time now,” she continued. “We’re both almost 55 years old and that has been the greatest help and source of stability for both of us to have that ability in prayer to look to the Lord for guidance and I can’t say enough how important that’s been to us to give us that rock of assurance on which path we should go.”

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