Lady Gaga’s Grammy launch of Born this Way — an anthem for every outsider claiming center stage with flamboyant self-celebration — has theology-thinkers going opposite directions.

Is it a glorification of Christ’s love for all or is Gaga throwing original sin to the winds?

At Busted Halo, the hip young Catholic site, Helen Lee, studying theology at Fordham, lauds the theatrical singer for insisting “God makes no mistakes,” and thus, Lee writes,

Gaga is spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, whether intentionally or not. …

Unlike Madonna, to whom she is often compared, Lady Gaga seems to understand that human nature is not reducible to sex. Humans are complicated, and Gaga gets that. We can be ugly — that’s true — but Gaga understands that human beauty is only meaningful in contrast to human ugliness. So yes, we are monsters (fallen), but as the song says, we were “born to survive,” (born for eternal life).

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