As I may have mentioned once or twice here, I’m the world’s biggest St. Louis Cardinals fan. A high percentage of my free time in the last week has been spent thinking about the contract negotiations between the Cardinals and one of my very favorite players throughout history — Albert Pujols. If you’ve never been blessed with the opportunity to see Pujols in action, you should try to remedy that in the next few years. He’s combines power hitting with clutch performances to the delight of Cardinals fans around the country. He’s also, by all accounts, a seriously nice guy with excellent leadership skills. And that’s before we even get to the non-baseball stuff, like how he adopted his wife’s daughter who has Down Syndrome. His Pujols Family Foundation is dedicated to “the love, care and development of people with Down syndrome and their families” and aiding the poor in the Dominican Republic. He’s played his entire career with the Cardinals.

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