This won’t be the first time I draw your attention to some really intellectually-challenged pro-abortion remarks, and it won’t be the last. The pro-abortion position is so morally and intellectually indefensible, that when the pro-death camp seeks to defend abortion, it has to rely on something other than logic, reason, sound arguments, or common sense.

Consider what appeared in today’s Daily Telegraph. Columnist Sarrah Le Marquand has a piece called “Abortion is none of Justin Bieber’s business”. The article contains no serious argumentation, logical reasoning or presentation of fact. Instead it is one long ad hominem attack on Bieber and anyone else who dares to disagree with her.

Justin Bieber had given an interview for Rolling Stone magazine recently and in it he made clear his pro-life position. For this he has earned the wrath of this angry pro-abort. The article is typical of those in the pro-death camp: plenty of nasty invective and mud-slinging, but no proper argument or evidence.

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