The US military is tracking a 58-foot yacht, which Somali pirates reportedly hijacked three days ago, whose owners have spent the better part of a decade sailing the world on a mission to distribute Bibles.

The Quest, launched in December 2001 under the command of Scott and Jean Adam, had just sailed west from Mumbai, India with an ocean-borne support community called the Blue Water Rally before they broke off early last week en route to Salalah, Oman. Another couple participating in the Rally, Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, were also aboard for that leg of the trip.

The Adams have spent the past nine years distributing copies of Scripture, including both “Catholic Bibles” from the American Bible Society and NIV Bibles from the International Bible Society, to spots across the world as far-flung as New Zealand, El Salvador, the Cook Islands, British Columbia, and Fiji.

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