At age 79, Chuck Colson remains one of Christianity’s leading cultural commentators. The founder of Prison Fellowship and the Wilberforce Forum, his most famous transition was from the Nixon administration (1969-1973) to prison for obstruction of justice. He professed Christ in 1973 and since then has authored or co-authored more than 20 books laying out a Christian worldview, along with daily BreakPoint commentaries heard by millions of people.

What irritates you the most about typical conservative political positions? That many who take conservative political positions aren’t really being conservative. Conservatism starts out with modesty and humility. We don’t believe we come up with all of the answers for solving the world’s problems. The greatest enemy of traditional conservatism is ideology, because ideology is man-made. I live by revealed truth, I live by wisdom of the past. When I hear conservatives being arrogant and not civil in their discourse—that’s not my kind of conservatism. The talking heads on TV calling themselves conservatives . . . I cringe.

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