A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows Republicans and right-leaning Independents favor Mike Huckabee over a trio of top contenders.

While the poll does not reveal a clear front runner in the race, the former Arkansas governor is shown to be the top pick for GOP presidential nominee among 17 other potential candidates. The other two top picks were former governors Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.

Huckabee surpassed both Romney and Palin with 18 percent support from the 1,326 Republican and Republican-leaning independent poll responders. Palin and Romney were tied at 16 percent.

By comparison, a similar poll conducted in September 2010 found that Huckabee was in third place, just under Palin and Romney with 12 percent of support. Two months later, responders ranked Huckabee as being on par with the former Alaska governor with 16 percent, while Romney remained the leader with 19 percent.

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