At New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital higher-ups pressure a nurse to participate in an abortion. Applications for a university’s nurse residency program include a pledge to participate in abortions.
The Obama administration has already established a pattern of not aggressively pursing recent conscience protection cases such as these.
Now, after nearly two years of warnings, the administration is beginning to weaken the federal regulations designed to protect pro-life medical providers.
The Department of Health and Human Services announced Feb. 18 that it is striking elements of a 2008 Bush administration order that bolstered the ability of medical caregivers to refuse to participate in procedures they find morally objectionable. The changes do not go as far as the administration originally intended or as conservatives feared: wiping out protections entirely. But, according to Matt Bowman of the Alliance Defense Fund, the action “leaves the how and if of enforcement of conscience protections completely under the discretion of an agency which says it agrees with Planned Parenthood.”

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