I call people when I hear that they have had some sort of tragedy. I’ve been making a lot of calls recently. I phoned one Christian woman after I saw her being interviewed on TV and she mentioned that her husband loved our ministry.

When the couple advertised that they wanted to sell a ring that was worth about a thousand dollars, three people showed up at their door. Once they were inside, they tied up the couple and their two kids, and began to beat them up. When the husband broke free and tried to protect his family, they shot him and left. He died in Charlene’s arms. Sue lost her beloved husband Larry, after a battle with cancer. Tim lost his wife in December. Cancer left her ravaged after doctors removed her tongue, because the disease spread into her mouth. Tamara was almost dead due to mercury poisoning. Her husband lost his job because he spent so much time taking care of her, and they had no money left and nowhere to live.

Each of these Christians had two things in common. They knew what it was to suffer, and each of them said the same thing–that God was wonderful. It didn’t make sense, but it came as no surprise. What each of them went through is to be expected in this life. Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we are immune to the storms that everyone experiences. Lightning falls on the just and the unjust. If a Christian falls over, he bruises, just like everyone else.

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