Christian Dior takes steps to fire the designer as Paris Fashion Week begins. He was arrested last week in alleged violation of French law. Another complaint and a video, reportedly of another incident, have since surfaced.

As Paris Fashion Week began on Tuesday, there was only one thing anyone could talk about. The venerable French haute couture house of Christian Dior, credited with putting Paris fashion back on the map after World War II, was rocked in scandal. John Galliano, the flamboyant fashion designer at the helm of the luxury label, and a man known for his over-the-top runway collections, romanticism and love of the bias cut, was being fired. Not because of a collection of clothes but because of a collection of words.

The fast-moving chain of events began Thursday night when Galliano was arrested in the Paris bar La Perle, accused of hurling anti-Semitic insults at a nearby couple in an alleged violation of French laws designed to curb anti-Semitism. Dior, where he’s worked for nearly 15 years, suspended him Friday pending investigation. On Saturday, another woman came forward with a similar complaint. And on Monday, video began surfacing on the Internet apparently showing an earlier incident involving Galliano, who appears to be drunk, taunting two off-screen women, saying he “loved Hitler” and that their ancestors should be “gassed … and dead.”

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