Now that I have just upset the apple cart with a recent article on the justice of God, I might as well go the whole hog and tackle another topic which is increasingly becoming taboo – and I mean in Christian circles. That non-believers would not be too excited about such a topic is understandable.

But the real worry is the fact that so many Christians seem to want absolutely nothing to do with it. They tend to reject the doctrine outright. But I suspect they in fact do not really know what they are rejecting. They often have erected a straw man which rightly needs to be rejected.

If their idea of the wrath of God is that God is an emotional tyrant who explodes in petty anger at every little thing, then I reject that concept as well. Or if they believe that God forces people against their will to enter into a Christless eternity, that too I reject.

While the topic of hell cannot here be explored – I will need to write something about that some other time – I can here offer a brief look at what the Bible has to say about the wrath of God. Scripture in fact says so much about this topic that I can only offer a brief introduction here.

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