These are scary days to have our kids in public schools. Most of these schools have long ago ceased being places where the three R’s are taught, and have instead become hothouses of radical agendas and PC indoctrination. Brainwashing, not education, seems to be the order of the day in many public schools.

Examples are easy to come by, and I have documented many such cases in the past. Here are a few more. I begin with presentations at a recent gathering of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Now this can be a worrying group to begin with, but their latest outbursts have really got parents concerned.

This is how one report covers the story: “The theme of this year’s CSW is the ‘access and participation of women and girls to education, training, science and technology.’ While delegates are busy negotiating resolutions and outcome documents, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and UN organizations campaign for the installation of socially radical curriculums in Africa and America alike.

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