Like a growing number of Americans, we’re finally taking dance lessons. You could give both of us a drink with Sodium Pentothal in it and we still couldn’t tell you why, after 15 years of talking about it, we finally bought those special shoes and threw pride to the wind. Perhaps we weren’t ready to push aside our fear of public humiliation, which was actually kind of fun.

Though we still don’t know what got us over the hump and onto the dance floor, we now possess a deeper insight into what it means to lead and support each other in our evolving marriage thanks to some stunning visual displays.

Tango is by far the most arresting dance we’re learning. By arresting, we mean what other couples accomplish through unique roles, not what we are able to stumble through. These roles of men leading and women supporting, properly executed, give the impression that there are no roles at all. It’s not obvious that anyone is leading or supporting. What you witness is the fruit of their abilities, which is delicious.

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