Sensible Washington’s Initiative-1135 seeks to make pot as legal to purchase over the counter in the Pacific Northwest after this November as a fifth of Jack Daniels. But for one local writer the decriminalization of marijuana is more about getting an understanding than legally getting high.

In part two of his impassioned new series on God, homosexuality and organized Christianity, Author, K. Godfrey Easter asserts, “God used weed to help me spiritually understand homosexuality when abusive Christian pulpits, all my life, couldn’t.”

As a seasoned church organist, Easter has grown intimately acquainted with pulpit abuse and controversy over the years. Consequently, nine years ago, he wrote his first book, Love Lifted Me: In Spite Of The Church (ISBN #0-9719604-0-2).” In it, he insisted he was born gay and into a dysfunctional family that offered no option but to conform to what he is now convinced is an equally, if not more dysfunctional religious system.

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