Confessions by an Indian Swami to Hindu radicals’ being behind a spate of bombings – earlier blamed on Muslims – have revealed the extent of prejudice against the minority community and also exposed the hollowness of New Delhi’s frequent and convenient assumptions of a Pakistani link to all terrorist incidents in India.

A report in The Washington Post noted that when a series of bomb attacks ripped through Muslim neighbourhoods, mosques and shrines in India in recent years, suspicion fell firmly on “Islamist” terror. “After each incident, scores of Indian Muslims were rounded up, and many were tortured. Confessions were extracted, the names of various militant “masterminds” leaked to the media and links with Pakistan widely alleged. “Never mind that most of the victims were Muslims; it seemed natural to many people, from Delhi to Washington, to assume it was the work of extremist Pakistani militants and their Indian Muslim sympathizers, intent on fanning religious tensions in India and disrupting the peace process between the nuclear-armed rivals,” the Post reporters wrote.

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