As readers of this fine publication may know, I am a passionate apologist for the Christian faith. It is unfortunate that this seems to bring out so many irrationally smug and arrogant atheists, but what are you going to do. The atheists that I cannot abide think religion, and specifically Christianity, is a cancer, a mental derangement only for the weak who “cannot handle the truth!” The only contribution Christianity brought to history and society according to these types is the pathological. Of course, to any objective observer Christianity has brought an astounding number of positives to the world.

This was on my mind as I recently finished watching the first season of the Starz Channel series “Spartacus.” The series is definitely not for the squeamish, or those easily offended by the salacious depiction of Roman debauchery, maybe not even for those not so easily offended. But it is a powerful depiction of the pagan Western world prior to the advent of Christianity, and as impressive as Roman civilization was at the time, it was nightmare for those who were not Roman citizens.

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