In a recent on-air debate I had with homosexual activist attorney Andrea Ritchie, I asked her whether, in her estimation, the demands being made by the homosexual lobby could peacefully coincide in our society with traditional, biblical morality.  After stating her opinion that there is no homosexual or transgender agenda, she explained that her understanding of Jesus’ teachings was that we were to love and accept everyone.

When I responded by challenging that those of us who oppose the dangerous lifestyle of homosexuality do so out of a sense of love, she reminded me that when confronted with the woman caught in adultery (another form of sexual indiscretion), Jesus warned only those who are without sin should cast the first stone.  Tellingly, she decided to drop the period right in the middle of Jesus’ sentence.  Conveniently missing from Ms. Ritchie’s defense was what Jesus went on to lovingly say to the prostitute: “Go and sin no more.”

And that was the heart of my question – is it possible for our society to satisfy the cries of “civil rights” for those practicing various forms of recreational sex while still providing for the rights of Christians to proclaim to those individuals, “go and sin no more?”

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