This column about the murdered Fogel family was written a few times on other surfaces before I put it to paper. First I etched it into my heart with a scalpel, then I inscribed it on the sacred parchment of Jewish history with a quill; finally, I spray painted it onto the bulletin board of the human race in a jagged graffito. After all this, I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could be lucid enough to share it with my friends through the printed page.

There are two small communities in Israel, Elazar and Itamar, named after the two surviving sons of Aaron. Their two brothers died shockingly to disturb a happy period for the Israelites, not long after the Exodus. The tradition teaches that there was a divine decree for all the children of Aaron to die, but Moses prayed and succeeded in saving half of them. Now, 3300 years later, the tableau is repeated in the town of Itamar.

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