I’ve never participated in a jujitsu contest, nor even watched a match up close. But I’m intrigued with what I understand to be the essence of the sport. A really good jujitsu competitor has learned how to use his opponent’s superior weight and strength against him.

Maybe that’s what happened a couple of weeks ago in South Dakota, where the state legislature approved a bill that has the potential for drastically reducing the number of abortions in that state. If it works, it could be a pattern for other states as well.

For all of the 38 years since abortion-on-demand was validated by the U.S. Supreme Court, the pro-lifer argument has tended to be focused on the babies whose lives were at stake. What could be more sensible? Babies are lovable. Babies are sentimental. Babies can make you cry. Here at WORLD magazine, we have tended to put pictures of babies on the covers of our annual Roe v. Wade issues.

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