I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that if any of the Old Testament prophets – or any of the New Testament disciples for that matter – came to our churches today, in most cases they would quickly be ejected.

And I am not talking about liberal mainstream denominations, but so-called Bible-believing evangelical churches. They would be shown the door. They would be soundly rejected. They would not be welcome in most houses of worship today.

Why is this? Simple: they would be told that they are too intolerant, too unloving, too narrow, too dogmatic, too negative, too judgmental, and too ungracious. Whether it be Jeremiah or Elijah or John the Baptist or Paul, or even Jesus himself, many contemporary churches would find their messages far too confronting, challenging and convicting.

With the surrounding culture adrift in a sea of relativism, ‘tolerance,’ non-judgmentalism, and phony notions of acceptance, and churches which are far too happy to act as sponges to that culture, it is not surprising that most of these biblical characters would have a hard time being embraced today.

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