My fellow residents of the Nashville area have probably seen the billboards around town. If not, maybe you have noticed the Facebook ads, or caught the recent Tennessean article. All of these are advertising “A Night of Hope.” The speaker for this event is Joel Osteen.
Joel Osteen is a well-known “preacher.” He has a best selling book and is the “pastor” at one of the largest churches in America. Joel Osteen is a Word of Faith preacher, or commonly called a “Health and Wealth” preacher. His sermons combine pop psychology with a sprinkling of Scripture. The message is positive claiming that God desires for Christians to be wealthy and healthy and the key to unlocking these blessings from God is to empower your faith.
I could write a whole series about the problems with the word of faith movement (and I think I will at some point), but I want to focus on the idea of hope in this post. Joel Osteen is supposed to have an evening of hope. Hope is something people are looking for in all times, but more so during tough times. I have no doubt Joel will have a large group buying tickets for this event.

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