“When the gazelles see the cheetah, they run. The cheetah separates the younger of the two, and the little gazelle bounds in lilting arcs over the high yellow grass. The cheetah, as everyone knows, is the fastest animal on land. The gazelle, it seems, will never reach adulthood—yet it persists, until at last the cheetah grows weary and gives up the chase. ”

The crowd at Perimeter Church north of Atlanta is roaring with laughter. Dave Ramsey, in a video projected on overhead screens, has narrated the animal encounter as though it were an ESPN replay: The cheetah is a banker chasing after a college student with a free T-shirt in exchange for a credit card application. Ramsey drives the point home: To escape the jaws of debt you must be, he says, “gazelle intense.” This session of Ramsey’s 13-week program, Financial Peace University, ends with people lamenting their fall into deep debt, then exulting, “I’m debt free!”

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