Allied officials said their attacks have effectively grounded Muammar Qaddafi ’s air force and driven back his offensive against the rebel stronghold at Benghazi, as the Libyan leader vowed to repel “enemy Christian states.”

Libya’s military has not flown an aircraft in two days and the coalition is in full control of airspace, Vice Admiral Bill Gortney told reporters at the Pentagon. It was possible that a Libyan jet or helicopter would still take off but it would be targeted by coalition patrols over the country, he said.

Qaddafi denounced the coalition allied against him — including the U.S., the U.K. and France — as “the party of Satan” after Tomahawk missiles were fired at Libyan targets overnight and fighter jets patrolled the North African country’s skies. The military action continued today with B-2 bombers attacking airfields and air-defense sites, CBS reported.

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