As I checked into my Twitter account on Tuesday, I saw a tweet that linked to a story about a 17 year old “HERO.” After clicking on the link, I found that the boy was being applauded for his efforts to stop the teaching of creationism in Louisiana schools. In 2008, the state passed a law that, according to the article, “permits creationism to creep into the public schools under the cover of scientific openness.” He decided that it was simply unacceptable for schools to teach creation. As he put it, “If you reject evolution, you reject all of science.”

The world has made itself very clear over the centuries – religion is a fantasy made up by stupid, insecure people. They tell us that God is like our Santa Claus in the sky. It’s all just a figment of our imagination because we don’t want to think hard enough to deny God’s existence. After all, the smart people don’t believe in God. All the scientists and Ph.D. holders don’t believe in God, right? Self-important college professors challenge students who stick to their belief in a Divine Being by using practiced rhetoric to belittle the students for disagreeing with “the obvious.” Because only stupid people believe in God, right?

Intellectual elitism has run amok in the world of research and academia. Professors, scientists, doctors, and other “intellectuals” look down on people like me because of our narrow-mindedness. They roll their eyes at people who put any stock in the Bible. They snort when they see someone bow their head to pray. Basically, they do everything in their power to make us look like idiots. One would have to wonder if Sir Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Nicholas Copernicus, Sir Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, Gregor Mendel, and Albert Einstein (in short, the greatest minds of the last half-century) would brow-beat and belittle modern scientists for their lack of belief in God.

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