Lenin once used the phrase “useful idiots” to describe Westerners who even if well-intentioned, were aiding and abetting the Communists in their attempts to overthrow the West. There were plenty of academics, journalists and even clerics who glibly ran with the Soviet line, while denouncing the West.

Such useful idiots of course would be the first to be exterminated once the Communists seized power, but they were certainly quite helpful along the way. They were happy to denounce the free West while praising totalitarian Marxist regimes.

Sadly these folks have not gone away, but are still here in abundance. Only this time, it is not godless communism they are shrilling for, but militant Islam. These Western useful idiots do all they can to apologise for islam, while denouncing the West.

The actually seek to claim that if there are any radical or militant Muslims out there, it is basically the fault of the West. We somehow drove them to acts of desperation. Thus the many acts of terror are basically something we deserve. We have brought this hatred upon ourselves.

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