For the longest time the sin of Sodom was connected clearly with Homosexuality. In the United States in particular we had laws against Sodomy, which made homosexuality a crime. Most people, still today I assume, if asked would say the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was homosexual behavior.

However, this assumption has been challenged of late. Bible scholars and students of the Bible have claimed that the sin of Sodom should not be linked with homosexuality. In the ezine, that started the controversy at a Christian University, it was argued that homosexuality should no longer be linked with Sodom (read about the ezine here).

The argument normally made against Sodom being an example of homosexual activity is that later Old Testament passages state a different reason for Sodom’s demise. Although most of the later Old Testament usage of Sodom is to illustrate how God will destroy a sinful nation, there are a few passages that speak of the sin of Sodom. One is Ezekiel 16:49, 50. It states Sodom’s sin as pride and having the ability to do so, but choosing not to take care of the poor and needy. Another is Jeremiah 23:14, which states their sin was adultery, lying, and not repenting. A third is Isaiah 3:9, which states the sin is a lack of justice. The argument made from these passages is the sin of Sodom is not homosexuality, but rather injustice, specifically toward the poor.

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