In the last two weeks I have been in four different airports, a recording studio, a television studio, on vacation with my husband and at three different speaking venues. My life is a walk in the park compared to what many of you do, but for me, this schedule was quite a stretch. I also teach voice lessons and recently, I had the privilege of flying to Nashville with one of my students after being hired to work with her in the studio.

Now, in case you have not flown lately, an elaborate meal is no longer served aboard the airlines. On the flight to Nashville, I thought I was getting special treatment when I received a turkey sandwich, carrots and some cookies. As I began eating the sandwich, I remembered that I didn’t have car once I got to Nashville. The young lady I was with had rented her car, so I would be in Nashville with no wheels of my own. I had never stayed in the hotel where we would be staying, so I was unsure about restaurants near the hotel. Suddenly realizing this could be my last meal of the day if there were no restaurants within walking distance of my hotel, I asked the stewardess for another sandwich. She politely obliged. I tucked the turkey sandwich neatly in the outside pocket of my purse and prepared for landing. Fortunately, there was a Panera Bread across from my hotel, and I had a lovely time in Nashville.

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