In the beginning of the church, God created unity. God sent Jesus to seek and save the lost, and by doing so, to build his church. Jesus prayed for unity among the apostles, and among the millions who would believe on Jesus through the teaching of the apostles. God had one plan for human redemption, one new covenant to offer all people, and one church for all who would accept his covenant.

God created unity among all people who are in Christ. By abolishing the Mosaic Law, he removedthe barrier between Jew and Gentile. He did this so that “he might create in himself one new man, so making peace.” God also reconciled to himself every human being who accepted the new covenant. All of these people were brought back to God “in one body,” the church. This is God’s divinely created unity. There is but one body of Christ, one church, in which all people come together with one another and with God.

Unity in the church exists because we are led by one Spirit. The one Holy Spirit revealed God’s truth to the apostles and prophets. The church is built upon those divinely revealed truths and divinely revealed instructions.

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